The Wild Chairs


There are those who intellectualize their work, we rather define ourselves as makers.
Our place of inspiration and research is the workshop.

It is in the workshop that our four-handed conversations are born. Equipped with lightweight tools for simple technologies, this is where we push our exploration of form, material, construction.
Here again that the production of scale 1 objects has obviously become central to our work. Here that the playground happened to be an area of research and freedom.

It is in our factory that we experience the making of very finished objects, in all materials, according to different processes. That we get into specific implementations with a lot of envy and a certain attraction for risk-taking.

It is in the workshop that we question the artisanal production and how to distribute objects, far from the fashion effects. Here again that we collaborate with other craftsmen to enrich our know-how and abolish our technical limits. Here too that we work with a certain economy of means while dreaming of sobriety.
Here at last that we do differently by refusing uniformity.

It is in this space that we have found our identity.


The 10 chairs of The wild chairs project offer a multiplicity of know-how and tell our pleasure to design and draw.

The chair as a complex object of study : support, tension, surface, a relationship to the body and comfort, structural issues.
The chair as a cultural object : aesthetic issues, references and the possibility of a strong dialogue with our masters.
The chair as an ideal surface of expression.

The wild chairs project explores 10 free forms, new constructions, new writings.
10 aesthetic approaches and as many technical and prospective combinations that question the folding, the hammering, the bending, the assembly, the turning, the solids and voids, the transformation into a volume, the questions of balance, the upholstery or the finishes.
10 manifestos where design, construction and material are intrinsically linked.
10 silhouettes where textured black becomes a projection and interpretation medium.

Both study of a typology and preparatory work for production, The wild chairs questions, proposes, invites and reinforces our commitment to a research practice.

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